A piece of Bridge

by Maria Sarri and Yannis Stamatiou : an event directed on the specific two bridges of Tavronitis and on a Samuel Beckett's text (A piece of Monologue); the effort for a meeting and its perpetual postponement.

parallel bridging


BUILT_EVENT sheds light to and signs chosen specific places. Each project manifests an insistence to a particular existing place and organizes the group’s move to it. The collection of each participant’s remaining material constitutes the work itself. Each visit’s remains are gathered in order to define the places by a plural failure of description.
The archive containing recordings (photographs, videos and texts), is taking the form of an open book while it is also stored in Internet data repositories. Each project’s archive is proposed as an unstable definition of the place, constructed by a permanent “trial and error” algorithm, fixed on the common visit event. The visit is proposed as a mourning of a lost presence, as an awareness of the absence of the’ place itself’ and as a substitute of the place identity. Each event is considered a theatrical act representing a fake but legitimate ‘substance’ of the place.

Shumon Bazar

NADIA KALARA: Going there?

I don't know how I got here or where this place is...It could be some spot off the South Motorway to Athens, that is, a dot on the map next to the line that denotes the motorway. Some time before leaving the city my eye catches a big sign: ΤΑΦΟΙ ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΩΝ -or was it in another journey? I don't know how I got here or where this place is although it looks familiar. I remember vaguely some name mentioned in the text- Μ ά λ ε μ ε - I am perhaps near Μάλεμε . If I had a map of Crete I would locate Μάλεμε and Χανιά on it: ΜΑ Λ Ε Μ Ε and Χ Α Ν Ι Α would be two indecipherable sets of small straight lines on the map.